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About WCSS

The WCSS has been held quadrennially since 1927 as a scientific meeting in the field of soil science.

Soil scientists from all around the world come together to discuss soil issues, exchange knowledge and find solutions for current problems.

It´s not unusual to gather about 2500 participants from more than 100 countries around the world at WCSS.

Usually the WCSS provides a wide range of scientific programs and stimulating social activities. In addition, renowned experts will address the pertinent issues and technological advances in the broad areas of soil science throughout the meeting. Furthermore, participants have a great opportunity to network through extensive discussions and informative exchanges.
Besides, interesting field trips and social programme makes the WCSS a unique Event.

Below you find information about all past WCSS.

Future WCSS

The 23rd WCSS will take place from 12-17 July 2026 in Nanjing, China under the theme “Soil and the Shared Future for Mankind”.


The past WCSS have been great events and a huge number of contibutions made them a great success.

Thank you for your understanding that we can not provide all the documents for download. We provide an overview of all available documents and if you are interested in specific documents please

22nd Congress 2022 / Glasgow, UK

The 22nd WCSS took place from 31 July 2022 to 5 August 2022 in Glasgow, United Kingdom under the theme “Crossing Boundaries - Changing Society”.

Congress website:

21st Congress 2018 / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

20th Congress 2014 / Seoul South Korea

Information, downloads

19th Congress 2010 / Brisbane Australia

Available information assorted by:

18th Congress 2006 / Philadelphia USA

Available information:

17th Congress 2002 / Bangkok Thailand

Available information:

16th Congress 1998 / Montpellier France

Available information:

15th Congress 1994 / Acapulco Mexico

Available information:

14th Congress 1990 / Kyoto Japan

Available information:

13th Congress 1986 / Hamburg Germany

Available information:

12th Congress 1982 / New Delhi India

Available information:

11th Congress 1978 / Edmonton Canada

Available information:

10th Congress 1974 / Moscow USSR

Available information:

9th Congress 1968 / Adelaide Australia

Available information:

8th Congress 1964 / Bucharest Romania

Available information:

7th Congress 1960 / Madison USA

Available information:

6th Congress 1956 / Paris France

Available information:

5th Congress 1954 / Leopoldville DR Congo

Available information:

4th Congress 1950 / Amsterdam Netherlands

Available information:

3rd Congress 1935 / Oxford UK

Available information:

2nd Congress 1930 / Leningrad USSR

Available information:

1st Congress 1927 / Washington USA

Available information:

For a full list of soil science congresses up to 1998 see Geoderma article on 75 years ISSS/IUSS – PDF


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