IUSS Alert 216 (October 2023)



IUSS Commissions 1.6 Paleopedology and 1.2 Soil Geography, along with the INQUA Paleopedology Working Group, has organized the XIV International Symposium and Field Workshop on Paleopedology, "Soils as Memory of Contemporary and Paleo Environments" this October, in Las Cruces.

The IUSS President had the pleasure to greet the participants and, on Ocober 9th , to host the round table "Paleosols and paleolandscapes as cultural heritage"

IUSS President, Prof. Edoardo Costantini, on the policies for the conservation of the cultural and natural heritage of soil


Lecture outline about International Union of Soil Sciences, The IUSS 2021-2030 Strategic Plan, Imrovement of soil awareness, Policies for the conservation of the cultural and natural heritage of soil

Read more: https://lectorium.phosagro.com/lectures/soil-health-and-fertility/policies-for-the-conservation-of-the-cultural-and-natural-heritage-of-soil/ 

IUSS is pleased to announce that Professor Renfang Shen has been appointed as Chairman of Division 3 and congratulates him on this prestigious achievement. It is with the warmest welcome that IUSS wishes him well for the success of his work.


IUSS President, Prof. Edoardo Costantini

It is indeed a matter of great pride for me in jointly organizing the International Conference “Sustainable Natural Resource Management under Global Climate Change” under the patronage of Soil Conservation Society of India at New Delhi during November 07-10, 2023.

The modern world is recognizing the importance of conserving natural resources. Farmers are practicing climate-smart agriculture and industries are realizing as to how much they can save through energy efficiency. Smart agriculture through advanced technologies like Internet of Things, location systems, robotics, and artificial intelligence can improve the quality and quantity of the crops while optimizing the human resources on farms, There is a need to reach out further and communicate globally to increase multi-sectoral policy prioritization, interdisciplinary engagement, and public–private investment on the emerging issues.

I am confident that this International Conference will deliberate on all the advancements in sustainable conservation of natural resources under global climate change to ensure sustainable development of this planet and will come-up with some concrete recommendations to face the challenges ahead.

I wish the International Conference a grand success.


Read more: https://www.scsi.org.in/pdf/Brochure-5-9-2023.pdf  

Prof. Eleonora Bonifacio, in the ISC Distinguished Lecture Series Webinar, has delved into little-known functions and properties of soil. In this brief inteview she recalls the motivations for her webinar, ‘Linking Mechanisms to Soil Functions to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals’.

 Read more: https://council.science/events/linking-mechanisms-to-soil-functions/


IUSS Past President words as High-Level speaker during the Opening Ceremony of the FAO Global Symposium Soil and Water: a source of life

Soil and water are part of the same and inseparable strategic binomial. Therefore, to stop soil degradation as a guarantee of preserving water and food for an ever-growing population, the International Union of Soil Sciences has defined its two main tasks: To stop land degradation as the most insidious and underestimated challenge of the 21st century and to achieve that, direct the main focus of all our activities on school-age children and young who will be teenagers and young adults in 10 years (IDS, 2015 & Horn, 2017).

For the IUSS, these are fundamental goals to achieve if we want children and young people as future citizens of the world to understand why soil and water are essential for the existence of their lives and how their loss affects them, their families, and their countries. In this priority educational task, the educational project “THE IUSS GOES TO SCHOOL” has joined forces with the FAO World Soil Alliance and celebrating the next World Soil Day on December 5, from the IUSS and the FAO, we invite the soil science scientific community to collaborate in this literacy and awareness effort by participating in the scientific book contest for children with the theme “Soil and water, sources of life”.


IUSS Centennial 2024  

Centennial Celebration and Congress of the IUSS 100 years of soil science - past achievements and future challenges

Invitation from the organizers: Sara Marinari, Giuseppe Corti, Edoardo A.C. Costantini

“The custodian of soil science will celebrate its centennial contribute to the nature and human wellbeing in 2024.

The event will also empower the linkages with different disciplines, policy makers, stakeholders, institutions, and associations to effectively address civil society needs within agriculture, forestry, environment, urban planning, energy, education, and other societal issues.

The celebration will occur on May 19th and will be followed by two intense days of congress, with plenary and parallel scientific sessions. Both soil scientists and specialists from other disciplines will participate to each session, focusing on past achievements and future challenges.

The congress will be followed by technical/scientific excursions that will range from short local to long trips, spanning from Alps to Sicily.

A pre-congress visit to Villa Lubin in Rome, the historical place where the IUSS was founded, is scheduled on May 18th.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Italy”.

Sunday, 19 May 2024 to Tuesday, 21 May 2024

Florence, Italy

Website: https://centennialiuss2024.org/

Download: media/iuss_2024_brochure.pdf


  1. Soil health in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Soil governance
  3. Soil in the circular economy
  4. Soil sciences impact on basic knowledge
  5. Soil in the digital era
  6. Soil and humanity
  7. Equity, diversity, and inclusivity in soil sciences
  8. Other

The programme group chair and officers will build the session programme from the session proposals. The programme group chair may also suggest to merge proposed sessions that are similar https://centennialiuss2024.org/submitted-sessions/#1685449512773-65c24928-1e65

The call for session proposals at https://centennialiuss2024.org/  was open until 30 June 2023. 


Phil Brookes

It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the death of Phil Brookes. Phil joined the Chemistry Dept at Rothamsted in the mid-1970s and in the subsequent years built up an international reputation for his work on the microbial biomass. He supervised very many overseas PhD students and in the 2000s took up research posts in China. He retired a few years ago to Ireland where he died last week.

Paul Poulton & David Powlson


All Members of the International Science Council (ISC) The ISC is actively working to strengthen the role of science in key global policy processes and bring scientific evidence from across all disciplines in deliberations and decision-making. Recently, the ISC has been actively engaged in the ongoing negotiations of an international, legally binding, instrument on plastic pollution, including in the marine environment, to ensure that the international instrument is backed-up by the latest and best available scientific evidence.

The ISC is now seeking nominations of experts from its Members with the aim of strengthening the contribution of the scientific community to current negotiations and advance integrated knowledge and solutions. We will be constituting an expert group of around 15 members to engage in the negotiation process, as well as a pool of experts working on different aspects of plastic pollution to be able to respond to requests for scientific inputs from the United Nations and its Member States. We warmly invite you to nominate relevant experts from your network by 16 November via https://council.science/what-we-do/call-for-experts-plastic-pollution/.

Call for applications: Science Filmmaking workshop

All ISC Member organizations are invited to participate in a one-day Science Filmmaking workshop on 1 April in the frame of the 2024 Ethnografilm Festival in Paris. The workshop aims to empower scientists to create short films highlighting their own research. Following the workshop, participants will work on creating a short film about their research throughout 2024 with the support and remote assistance by the workshop instructors. All films created will be screened at the 2025 Ethnografilm Festival. Nominate your interested scientist by 1 December.

More information: https://council.science/events/introduction-to-science-filmmaking/


ISC Distinguished Lecture Series “ENERGY Sustainability for Net ZERO Radio Communications”

Join us on 28 November at 14:00 UTC for the next webinar in our ISC Distinguished Lecture Series in the frame of the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development featuring Professor Nuno Borges Carvalho from the Institute of Telecommunications, University of Aveiro, Portugal. Please feel free to share this invitation widely with your members and wider network: https://council.science/events/energy-sustainability-for-net-zero/

News from national and regional soil science societies

Agricultural Land Classification Course

Bookings are now open for our Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) course https://members.soils.org.uk/event-5407996 which will take place at Cranfield University on 22 and 23 November. This in-person training course offers a unique opportunity to learn about the background and technical basis of the current ALC guidelines.

This course is designed for soil scientists who wish to extend their experience, those commissioning ALC surveys from specialists, and planners reviewing ALC reports.

Read more:  https://members.soils.org.uk/event-5407996


Canadian Society of Soil Science



The Annual Meeting is one of the few gatherings that bring together thousands of scientific leaders from industry, government agencies, and academic institutions in one environment. It’s the premier opportunity for professionals working in agronomic, crop, soil, and related sciences to hear about the latest research, meet and learn from their peers, expand their knowledge base, and take advantage of networking opportunities to enhance their careers. The Societies Annual Meeting features thousands of technical presentations, along with a host of networking events and award ceremonies. The world-class exhibition displays the latest scientific equipment, supplies, services, and reference materials available. Find diverse answers to today’s environmental problems. Learn about cutting-edge research, network with peers, and advance your career all in one place. Finding Solutions - With hundreds of sessions to choose from, find exciting and innovative ways to tackle issues you’re facing in the field. Educate yourself so you can educate others. Strengthening Communities - There are numerous ways you can network, including hands-on workshops, student leadership activities, field tours, and more. Build relationships with over 3,000 colleagues from around the world. Broadening Opportunities - Expand your horizons and equip yourself with the right tools to advance your science. Develop your advocacy skills at science policy events, find your next job at the career center, and explore products at the exhibit hall. Spark your inspiration this year at the ASA, CSSA, and SSSA International Annual Meeting


Soil Science Society of South Africa


2023 Beauty of African Soils - Photo Competition

Competition details: The competition is now open, and closes on 30 November 2023. This competition is open to all SSSSA members. If you win, but are behind on membership fees, your outstanding fees will be subtracted from your cash winnings Photos (max 4 per person) can be submitted to Corrie Swanepoel at


• Soils up-close

• Soils in landscapes/agriculture

• Soil and people/animals

• Living soils (pictures about soil organisms, soil conservation, intercropping, mulch, CA, fungi)

Photo requirements: The entered photo must feature African soil prominently. The photo must have been captured by the person entering the competition. Each SSSSA member may enter up to 4 photos. High resolution photos are preferred (above 1.5 MB). Ensure that if you have permission from any persons featured in the photograph. No copyrighted photos should be submitted.


USA - Soil Science Society


ASA, CSSA & SSSA International Annual Meeting 2024

488 days left ASA, CSSA & SSSA International Annual Meeting Dates: 11/10/2024

Venue: San Antonio TX, San Antonio TX, United States

The American Society of Agronomy, the Crop Science Society of America, and the Soil Science Society of America host a premier international scientific meeting that brings together leading and emerging scientific leaders from industry, government agencies, and academic institutions who are all working to advance agronomic, crop and soil sciences.

(Website: https://www.acsmeetings.org/)




SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO Home | ASA, CSSA & SSSA International Annual Meetings


The Soil Science Society of America is hosting a summer conference that provides unlimited networking opportunities, innovative scientific abstracts, poster sessions, invited symposia, exhibitors, technical workshops, and professional tours.


Conferences, Meetings and Workshops


6th International Conference on Soil Pollution and Remediation (SOILREM 2023)

Date: November 6-8, 2023

Location: Nanjing, China

Soil pollution is a widely-concerned environmental issue over the world. Much effort has been made on solution to sustainable use and management of the polluted soil environment. The 6th International Conference on Soil Pollution and Remediation (SOILREM 2023) will provide an opportunity for industry, regulators, scientists, students, engineers, private and public sectors to present recent research findings and to exchange information on innovative developments relating to sustainable remediation of polluted soils, sediments, groundwater, and industrial sites.


Learn more on:  https://soilremediation2023.aconf.cn/soilrem2023.html


2023 IEEE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry

‌November 6th- 8th, 2023

Pisa, Italy

MetroAgriFor intends to create an active and stimulating forum where academics, researchers and industry experts in the field of measurement and data processing techniques for Agriculture, Forestry and Food can meet and share new advances and research results.

Workshop Topics: Sensor networking and integration; Approaches and tools for measuring Food Quality; Soil analysis, mapping and monitoring; Crop analysis, mapping and monitoring;

Precision agriculture, forestry and livestock farming; Measurements for agriculture, forestry and environment; Agroclimatic measurements.

Read More: Index | IEEE MetroAgriFor 2023


5th International Conference “Sustainable Natural Resource Management under Global Climate Change”

November 7th- 10th, 2023

New Delhi, India 

The conference aims at bringing together academicians, researchers, students, and other different stake holders from within India and abroad in the attempt to deliberate on different aspects of the subject of conservation and optimal utilization of natural resources.

The scientific event will organized by Soil Conservation Society of India, in collaborative mode with support of International Soil Conservation Organization (ISCO), World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC), Beijing, International Union of Soil Science (IUSS), and other international and national organizations.

Information contained in the circular and all updates are available at the website of SCSI

Read More: http://scsi.org.in


The International Scientific Conference II NIKITIN’S READINGS 

November 14th-17th, 2023

Perm, Russia

«Current Issues of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology in Natural and Anthropogenic Landscapes». The conference is devoted to Vasily Vasilyevich Nikitin, the first professor of Soil Science in the Urals and the Head of the Soil Science Department (1924-1932); 100th anniversary of the first Soil Science Department in the Urals; 140th anniversary of Soil Science.

The registration deadline has been extended until May 31, 2023.

The registration link can be found on the official event’s page:

Read  More: https://pgatu.ru/science/conferences/issues_soil_science_agrochem_eco/



Third EUSO Stakeholder Forum

November 20th - 24th 2023

Madrid, Spain

The 3rd EUSO Stakeholder Forum will take place in the “2023 EU Soil Week” in Madrid in the week 20-24 of November. This event brings together the annual EUSO Stakeholder Forum, the first ever Soil Mission Fair and a workshop on soils by the Spanish Presidency.          


Organic phosphorus workshop 2023 (opw 2023)

November 27th - December 1st, 2023

Pucón, Chile

“Exploring organic phosphorus fate in soil and aquatic ecosystems under the climate change and food security scenario” is the fourth iteration of the organic phosphorus workshop series.

The focus the workshop concern long-term inputs of phosphorus have resulted in the accumulation of significant quantities of legacy phosphorus in agricultural soils by mineral fertilizers which in turn has contributed to increased diffuse phosphorus transfer and accelerated eutrophication of many water bodies. Biological processes play a vital role in determining the mobility and bioavailability of phosphorus in soils and sediments.

Deadline for abstract submission: June 30, 2023

Abstract acceptance: July 15

Notification of authors: August 31

Final announcement: before October 31.

Read more:  OPW 2023 | Organic Phosphorus Workshop 2023 (opwinchile2023.cl)


International symposium Reading the soil in archaeology: field practice and interdisciplinary perspectives

November 29th - December 1st, 2023

Tours, France

The conference will include some items connected to soil micromorphology

Online registration: 15 May - 15 October 2023  https://archeosol2023.sciencesconf.org/registration

Website: https://archeosol2023.sciencesconf.org/


Soil Science Society of Ireland (SSSI) & British Soil Science Society (BSSS) joint Annual Conference 2023

December 4th - 5th, 2023

Assembly Buildings Conference Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland  

Programme Launch and Reopening Poster Submissions

We have now confirmed the programme for our Annual Conference, including a soil policy session with representatives from the English, Irish, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh governments to provide an overview of soil monitoring and management activities being undertaken at a governmental level. Other keynote speakers include Prof. Dr. Rachel Creamer, Chair of the Soil Biology Group at Wageningen University, and Prof. John Gilliland OBE, Special Advisor to the UK's Agriculture Horticulture Development Board.

Registration for both our joint Annual Conference with the Soil Science Society of Ireland and our Early Careers' Conference is open so book now to secure your place.

We have also reopened submissions for poster presentations at both conferences, so there is still a chance to present your latest research.

Read More: https://soils.org.uk/annual-conference-programme-2023/




5 December 2023 is the United Nations World Soil Day (WSD). This year's campaign, "Soil and water: a source of life" highlights the interconnectedness of soil and water and the need for integrated management in addressing global soil and water challenges.

More than 95 percent of our food is produced on land beginning with soil and water. Water is crucial for nutrient absorption by plants. Soil degradation puts increasing pressure on water resources, and soil erosion and compaction reduce water infiltration and retention, leading to decreased water availability for plants and organisms. Sustainable soil management practices, such as minimum or zero tillage, crop rotation, organic matter addition, and cover cropping, reduce soil degradation, enhance water retention, increase carbon sequestration, preserve soil biodiversity, improve soil health and fertility, and make soil a valuable ally for food and water security and for climate mitigation and adaptation.

Read more: https://www.fao.org/world-soil-day/en/


British Society of Soil Science


Early Careers’ Conference 

December 6th- 7th, 2023

Belfast, Ireland

The conference will take place immediately after the BSSS Annual Conference and will be free of charge for BSSS Early Career members. A wide range of Early Career members from academia, industry, and policy will come together for a variety of themed sessions, including talks, posters, and workshops. The conference theme is Soil Management and Monitoring.

Read More: British Society of Soil Science - 2023 Early Careers' Conference



December 11th - 15th 2023

San Francisco, CA & online Everywhere

Theme: Wide open Science.

Abstract submission:  June 7, 2023

Abstract submissions close: August 2, 2023

Meeting registration open:  August 2, 2023

Authors are notified of the acceptance: October 2023

The official online scientific program is released: October 2023

Read more:  AGU Fall Meeting 2023 



FPEN and INRAE organise the international symposium « Soil Carbon in the Ecological Transition »SoilCET 2024.

Wednesday 24 to Friday 26 January 2024 Rueil-Malmaison, France


This event will be an opportunity to present and debate the latest scientific advances on four topics:

Session 1: Quantification of soil carbon and characterisation of soil organic matter at plot and regional scales;

Session 2: Stabilisation of soil organic matter: a central process in C-storing agricultural practices;

Session 3: The role of biodiversity in soil organic matter stabilisation and carbon storage;

Session 4: Microbiological, geochemical and matter transfer interactions: an integrated approach.

Read more: https://www.soilcet.com/


International Lysimeter- & Ecotron-Workshop

19 March 2024 to 21 March 2024

Hallbergmoos (Munich Airport Business Park), Germany

Registration: until September 30 you will receive a 10% discount!

Website: https://ugt-online.de/en/workshops/lysimeter-und-ecotron-workshop/


16th International Conference of the East and Southeast Asia Federation of Soil Science Societies (ESAFS 2024)


March 26th – 29th, 2024

Thai Nguyen University, Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam. 

ESAFS conference is a series of scientific meetings organized every two years to share updated experience and knowledge among soil scientists, particularly within East and Southeast Asia countries. It is also a platform to promote R&D and disseminate the acquired knowledge and technology related to soil sciences. This series of ESAFS’s conference are organized to fulfill part of the above aims, rotates within member countries thus allowing equal participations of local soil scientists and fair site information exchange. ESAFS 2024 is the first time for Vietnam as an organizer.

Read more: https://esafs2024.tnu.edu.vn/


Third International Symposium on Climate-Resilient Agri-Environmental Systems (ISCRAES 2024).

4-7 June 2024

Dublin College University

The main theme of the ISCRAES 2024 is “REFRAMING STRATEGIES FOR LOW CARBON FUTURE IN AGRO-FARMING SYSTEMS“, leading to achieve the primary objective of an agro-environmental sustainability by tackling the current major environmental, climate, and societal challenges facing by the world.

Important deadlines:

Deadlines for submitting abstracts

Orals: 31 JANUARY 2024

Posters and Flash Talks: 28 FEBRUARY 2024

Notification to authors

Oral, Poster, and flash talk:   31 MARCH 2024

Final revised abstracts submission:

15 APRIL 2024

Early bird registration deadline:

31 JANUARY 2024

Standard registration deadline:

31 MARCH 2024 (For inclusion in the proceedings and programme)

Late registration fee deadline:

01 APRIL 2024


Deadline for submitting full papers to journal special issues :

30 NOVEMBER 2024



Canadian Society of Soil Science CSSS 2024 CONFERENCE

9 June 2024 to 13 June 2024



University of British Columbia, Vancouver


Soil Functions for Future Generations

The theme of the 2024 annual conference of the Canadian Society of Soil Science is Soil Functions for Future GenerationsThis theme encourages soil scientists to think about how we can safeguard the vital resource of soil into the future and how we can ensure that the many functions of soil are continued on into perpetuity.

Read more: https://csss2024.landfood.ubc.ca/

5th International Conference of Young Scientists – Soil in the Environment (SITE)

16 June 2024 to 19 June 2024

Warsaw (campus of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences) and in European Centre for Geological Education in Korzecko.

Important dates:

March 1st , 2024: Deadline for registration

March 25th , 2024: Deadline for conference fee payment

April 1st , 2024: Deadline for the articles and abstracts submission

April 15th , 2024: 2nd Announcement and final conference programme

Download: https://site-warsaw2024-sggw.hub.arcgis.com/



XXVI IUFRO World Congress 2024: Forests and Society Towards 2050


June 23rd - 29th, 2024

Stockholm, Sweden

The deadline for submission of abstracts and opening of online registration: June 2nd, 2023

Read More: Congress website: https://iufro2024.com/


3rd International Symposium in Climate-Resilient Agri-Environmental Systems (ISCRAES 2024)

25 June 2024 to 28 June 2024

UCD O'Brien Centre for Science, Dublin 04, Ireland

Deadline for Abstract Submission is 31st January 2024.

For further inquiries please contact email: 

Website: https://www.iscraes.org/


Soil Science of China Inter-Congress 2024 - Congress Theme: Soil Health for Future Generations

1 October 2024 to 31 October 2024

Host City: Nanjing Congress Venue: International Youth Convention Hotel

The 6th International Conference on Soil Pollution and Remediation Organized by Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISSAS) Soil Science Society of China (SSSC) Jiangsu Environmental Protection Group Co., LTD Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISSCAS) Read more:  http://en.csss.org.cn/inter_congress_2024


ISMOM 2024 - 9th International Symposium of Interactions of Soil Minerals with Organic Components and Microorganisms


October 10th - 14th, 2024

Tsukuba, Japan


Read more: http://web.agr.ehime-u.ac.jp/~soil/ISMOM2024.html



New publications


Natural farming -a rising concept

by Subhash Chand at al.




X-ray Imaging of the Soil Porous Architecture

By Editors Jon Mooney, Sacha, Young, Iain M., Heck, Richard J., Peth, Stephan, Springer International Publishing, November 2022, ISBNs 978-3-03-112175-3, 978-3-03-112176-0

Summarizes almost 40 years of research in the area of X-ray CT imaging of soils. Introduces best practices for both image acquisition and analysis. Includes detailed examinations of different software packages for X-ray CT analysis.

In December 1973, Godfrey Hounsfield published his seminal paper on transverse axial scanning, describing a methodology that could non-destructively analyse a human head (Hounsfield, 1973). Two years previously, a patient’s head had been scanned in what was the first system available to hospitals developed by Hounsfield and his research partners. Thereafter, an explosion in the use of Computed Tomography (CT) systems for medical purposes was observed in most western countries. Now scans are faster, safer and more accurate and the use of CT has extended far beyond the medical practices; and we now see CT specifically designed and used for mining, electronics, engineering and environmental challenges. This edited collection explores the use and development of CT for soil ecosystems, the most complex biomaterial on the planet, identifying best practice and new approaches to the quantification of pores, roots and organic matter, all non destructively and all in situ.

Read more: doi 10.1007/978-3-031-12176-0




International Science Council (ISC)

By The International Science Council share its 2022 Annual Report, reviewing year in tackling complex global challenges through knowledge-driven solutions and the powerful global voice of science.

Read more and download: 2023-05-22-Annual-report-web.pdf (council.science)




Newsletter IUSS Commission 1 Soil Morphology and Micromorphology

By In this newsletter they report the change in Commission officials. Basically Richard Heck (former VP) now presides Division 1 while Fabio Terribile and Adam Szorba will act as president and vice president respectively of our Commission for the period 2022-2026. In this issue they report the minutes of the work meeting they had at the WCSS in Glasgow where they modified the changes to the award evaluation criteria regarding the two awards (Kubiena and MYPA). In this volume: next meetings, next courses and report of previous courses, next international conference on soil micromorphology, new website.



The Environment in Galicia: A Book of Images: Galician Environment Through Images

By Avelino Núñez-Delgado (Editor), Esperanza Álvarez-Rodríguez (Editor), David Fernández-Calviño (Editor); Springer International Publishing; ISBN-13 9783031331138; pages 640; publication date: 07/26/2023, https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-023-38043-1

This book describes the environment in Galicia (NW Spain), with researchers and professors presenting their own photographs of relevant aspects. This richly illustrated book explains atmospheric, geologic, water, soils, landscapes, and environmental issues and treatments for a broad audience, including students and the general public, to raise awareness and effectively develop strategies to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.


EUSO Annual Bulletin A review of 2022 activities

By Maréchal, A; Panagos, P.; Jones, A.; Arias Navarro, C.; Ballabio, C.; Belitrandi, D.; Breure, T.; De Medici, D.; De Rosa, D.; Fendrich, A.; Koeninger, J.; Labouyrie, M., Liakos, L.; Martin Jimenez, J.; Matthews, F.; Montanarella, L.; Muntwyler, A.; Orgiazzi, A.; Scarpa , S.; Schillaci, C.; Simoes Vieira, D.; Van Eynde, E.; Van Liedekerke, M.; Wojda, P.; Yunta Mezquita, F., JRC133346 EUR 31506 EN PDF ISBN 978-92-68-03434-7 ISSN 1831-9424 doi:10.2760/501153 KJ-NA-31-506-EN-N Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2023 © European Union, 2023

This report presents the activities of the EU Soil Observatory (EUSO) that took place during 2022. Through its five main objectives, the EUSO contributes to improving the monitoring of soils, to creating and sharing knowledge and data about EU soils, in particular producing tailored outputs in support of policy development and to the wider public. These activities feed into the overarching knowledge management objective under which the EUSO provided extensive policy support to a range of policy areas, notably the upcoming Soil Health Law and the Horizon Europe’s Soil Mission. A key element of the EU Soil Observatory are the six EUSO Working Groups (WG) that aim to discuss policy or technical advances on a particular topic. Their activities in 2022 were diverse and ranged from providing policy support (Soil Monitoring, Soil Pollution WGs), technical progress on integration of soil data (Soil Data WG) or advancing scientific knowledge about soils (Soil Erosion WG). This report also highlights the developments to be expected in 2023. In particular, the EUSO will produce reports on soil pollution, soil organic carbon trends, pesticides in soils, land degradation and a soil fertility index and work on the state of soil health in the EU. A key development will be the publication of the EUSO soil health dashboard. The EUSO will support dedicated Soil Mission research projects and will continue to provide support for the upcoming Soil Health Law proposal. The EUSO is also planning a 2023 EU Soil Week.

Download: https://esdac.jrc.ec.europa.eu/public_path//shared_folder/doc_pub/JRC133346.pdf




The advancement of knowledge and the future of scientific soil protection associations

By José L. Rubio Deputy president WASWAC, Co–founder and Ex-president of European Society for Soil Conservation, Ex-Director of Desertification Research Centre-CIDE, Valencia, Spain, pp. 2-15, Editor: Pengfei Du Assistant Editors: Li Li, Donghao Huang, Xiaofei Nie, Silian Pan

Read More: http://www.waswac.org.cn/waswac/LatestNews/webinfo/2023/06/1686793539589275.htm

Download: http://www.waswac.org.cn/waswac/rootfiles/2023/06/07/1686793533065162-1686793533099861.pdf



Vol. 18 No. 2 (2023): Special issue on: 'Integrated soil-water-crop management in salt-affected areas'

Authors: Filiberto Altobelli, Anna Dalla Marta, Anna Benedetti, Maria Konyushkova, Giuseppe Corti




 European Journal of Soil Science (EJSS)

Volume 74, Issue 4 July–August 2023

Online ISSN:1365-2389

Read more: https://bsssjournals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/13652389



Soil Use and Management

Soil Use and Management publishes in soil science, earth and environmental science, agricultural science, and engineering fields. The submitted papers should consider the underlying mechanisms governing the natural and anthropogenic processes which affect soil systems, and should inform policy makers and/or practitioners on the sustainable use and management of soil resources. Interdisciplinary studies, e.g. linking soil with climate change, biodiversity, global health, and the UN’s sustainable development goals, with strong novelty, wide implications, and unexpected outcomes are welcomed.

Online ISSN:1475-2743

Read more: https://bsssjournals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/14752743


The Impact of Disasters on Agriculture and Food Security 2023 

Avoiding and reducing losses through investment in resilience 

Year of publication: 2023 

Place of publication: Rome, Italy 

Pages: #168 p. 

ISBN: 978-92-5-138194-6 

Author: FAO 

Publisher: FAO 

Read more: https://www.fao.org/documents/card/en?details=cc7900en

This new FAO report provides a timely and comprehensive overview of how disasters are affecting agriculture and food security around the world, as well as examples of actions and strategies for investing in resilience and proactively addressing risks in agriculture.  

Soil physicochemical properties and crusts regulate the soil infiltration capacity after land-use conversions from farmlands in semiarid areas.  

Journal of Hydrology 626 (2023) 130283;

Authors: Yang Liao, Lingbo Dong, Ao Li, Wenwen Lv, Jianzhao Wu, Hailong Zhang, Ruihua Bai, Yulin Liu, Jiwei Li, Zhouping Shangguan, Lei Deng. 

Keywords: Double-ring infiltrometer, The Loess Plateau, Plough pan, Soil moisture replenishment, Soil structure, Vegetation restoration. 





Second Round of Communication Grants in 2023

2023 brings two rounds of Pathways Communication Grants, continuing to support researchers who want to disseminate the outcomes of place-based pathways research to non-academic audiences in new and innovative formats and practices. The first round closed on 15 June 2023 and the next round is open until 31 October 2023.

Read more: https://pathways.futureearth.org/2023/06/22/new-round-of-communication-grants-in-2023/#:~:text=2023%20brings%20two%20rounds%20of,open%20until%2031%20October%202023.

Application as an expert to assist with the second global assessment scoping

The IPBES Plenary, in decision IPBES-10/1, approved a scoping process for a second global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

1) Nominees are invited to complete the application form and attach their curriculum vitae below by 12 November 2023.

2) The nominating Government or organization (Nominator) indicated by the Nominee will receive an email with a link to the nomination form and will be invited to approve and submit the nominations in the web portal by 19 November 2023. Early nominations ahead of this deadline are encouraged.

3) Nominators and Nominees will receive a confirmation via email once the nomination has been duly submitted. Only candidates duly nominated by a Government or organization will be considered by the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel.

Read more: https://www.ipbes.net/application/second-global-assessment-scoping-experts#:~:text=The%20IPBES%20Plenary%2C%20in%20decision,below%20by%2012%20November%202023.

Grand Prix de la Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie 2024 - Call for Nominations

The prize is intended to reward original work in chemistry of benefit to mankind, society or nature. The GRAND PRIX will be awarded for the nineteenth time in 2024, to one or several persons, irrespective of nationality. The prize will carry a monetary award of 35,000 Euros.

All entries must imperatively be presented through a learned society or a national or international scientific organisation without any direct link with the nominee. Entry forms, together with a report detailing the arguments for the nomination, must be returned to the Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie by 30th April 2024.

These documents should be sent by e-mail to the following address:

Read more: https://actions.maisondelachimie.com/les-prix-de-la-fondation/grand-prix-de-la-fondation/


Children's book contest on soil and water

FAO's GSP and the IUSS are inviting soil scientists and designers to team up and submit their freestyle book proposal for children based on the WSD 2023 motto: "Soil and water, a source of life".

The book is intended for children between 6 and 11 years old. The IUSS and FAO’s GSP Selection Committee will evaluate all book submissions, and the winner will be announced by the IUSS President on World Soil Day. The finalists will be chosen based on creativity and originality, quality of the informational content, technical and scientific proficiency, and artistic/visual impact of the book. The winner will receive a cash prize of 1 000 USD, second and third classified will receive a cash prize of 500 USD and 250 USD, respectively, from IUSS and FAO’s GSP.



Call for experts: International Resource Panel

The International Resource Panel is seeking to recruit leading scientists with policy-relevant expertise, particularly in the development and implementation of science-based solutions for the sustainable management of natural resources and the achievement of the SDGs. Experts are expected to contribute to the development of science-based and policy-relevant assessments and formulate effective policy options and recommendations including those related to resource efficiency, sustainable consumption and production and transitions to a circular economy. More information: https://council.science/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/IRP-Call-2023.pdf

Experts can apply directly by 17 November by sending the required documents to . Please kindly cc when submitting your nomination.




WET-2 Sensor – measures moisture and nutrient content in the root zone ____________________________________________________________

● Accurate soil water content, pore EC, and temperature

● Minimal soil disturbance

● Comprehensive set of calibrations for soils and substrates

● Available in kit form with instant readout meter and case

The Delta‐T Devices WET-2  Sensor has crucial applications in soil science research and precision horticulture and is usable in both soils and growing substrates. It is exceptional in its ability to accurately measure pore water conductivity (ECp) - the EC of the water that is available to the plant. More information on the WET-2 Sensor

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