IUSS Stimulus Fund

IUSS has established an annual Stimulus Fund to support suitable activities within the Commissions and Working Groups. Where appropriate, the Fund will also support other activities to assist the development of Soil Science generally but particularly in regions of the world where lack of resources limit opportunities.

IUSS has set aside a sum of $15,000 annually to help fund these activities, but this funding may be increased if the quality of applications is particularly high. The normal maximum award will be $2,500, but larger awards may be considered.

The initial application process requires a short written proposal of no more than 500 words plus a budget indicating how the funds awarded are to be spent. There are two submission dates for applications each year: 15 March and 15 September. On rare occasions, urgent applications may be considered outside these times with the approval of the President. Applications should be sent to:

The funds can be used for a wide range of activities; the principal aims are the promotion and development of Soil Science. Activities might include the support of meetings, website development, travel and matching funds for activities that will be of wide benefit to IUSS and its members; as well as any other soil science-related undertaking that stimulates and contributes to the activities of a Commission or Working Group. Where funds for meetings or travel are requested, monies from the IUSS Stimulus Fund will normally be used to match funds raised from other sources by the applicant. The relation between IUSS money and local funds will depend on the local economic circumstances.

As a general rule, travel funds will not be provided directly from the Stimulus Fund to an individual to attend a meeting. Instead, such travel/support funds will usually be provided to the meeting organisers to be used specifically to assist and promote the attendance of younger scientists. Also, funding for computers, standard operating programs and other equipment usually provided by Universities and research organisations will not normally be provided.

In addition to the activities outlined above, some funds will be allocated to undertake specific projects identified by the Executive Committee, particularly projects which contribute to fulfilling the objectives of the International Decade of Soils. In these instances a project description will be provided and interested parties will be required to submit a proposal to carry out the project. The financial arrangements for these projects will be negotiated as part of the selection process.

The IUSS Presidents Committee shall review the evaluation of all proposals carried out by the Stimulus Fund Assessment Panel and make suitable recommendations to the President. Final approval will be given by the IUSS President or delegate within two month after the submission dates given above. Because of the strict auditing regime that IUSS operates under, full accounting of all expenditure must be provided to the Treasurer. All expenditure must be accompanied by appropriate receipts. If requested approximately 50% of the allocated funds will be paid in advance, with the balance paid on receipt of a summary of expenditure with accompanying receipts. These conditions may be varied at the discretion of the President.

On completion of the activity a full financial statement with invoices/receipts for all expenses must be submitted to the Executive Committee within 2 months of the completion of the project. Simultaneously, a short (up to 500 words) report of the activity must be presented for inclusion in the IUSS Bulletin.

Revised March 2021

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