The three favourite soil science books of:

Pandi Zdruli (Italy)

Christian Feler (France)

Artemi Cerda (Spain)

Thorsten Behrens (Germany)

Mike Vepraskas (USA)

Florence Carre (France)

Murray Lark (UK)

Christian Walter (France)

Tony Young (UK)

Alain Ruellan (France)

Eric Brevik (USA)

Paul Hallett (UK)

Victor Asio (Philippines)

Gan-Lin Zhang (China)

Alessandro Piccolo (Italy)

Achim Dobermann (USA)

Meine van Noordwijk (Indonesia)

Darwin Anderson (Canada)

Martin H. Gerzabek (Austria)

Alex McBratney (Australia)

Stephen Nortcliff (UK)

Phan Thi Cong (Vietnam)

Pete Smith (Scotland)

Jetse Stoorvogel (Netherlands)

Abdou A. Souad (Egypt)

Yeong Sang Jung (S. Korea)

Tom Goddard (Canada)

Peter Leinweber (Germany)

Sergey Goryachkin (Russia)

Mary Idowu (Nigeria)

Johan Bouma (Netherlands)

Gergely Tóth (Hungary)


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