Ask the Soil Experts

Soil experts provide a lot of experience and can inspire colleagues and young scientists.

They tell us how they were infected with the soil virus, talk about their career and share with us their thoughts about the future of our soils.

Have a look at 5 questions to a soil scientist…

Here are the experts:

Jan Moulder (Norway)

Lucia Cunha dos Anjos (Brazil)

Jock Churchman (Australia)

Daniela Sauer (Germany)

Cynthia A. Stiles (USA)

Jim Thompson (USA)

Zbigniew Zagorski (Poland)

Ingrid Kögel-Knabner (Germany)

Suk Young Hong (Korea)

Jon Chorover (USA)

Dani Or (Switzerland)

Rosa M. Poch (Spain)

Edward R. Landa (USA)

Teodoro Miano (Italy)

Reinhold Jahn (Germany)

Gary Peterson (USA)

Winfried Blum (Austria)

Alex McBratney (Australia)

Stephen Nortcliff (UK)

JJ Ibanez (Spain)

David Rossiter (Netherlands)

Pavel Krasilnikov (Russia)

John Ryan (Syria)

Susan Ikerra (Tanzania)

Yash Kalra (Canada)

Jim Gauld (UK)

Jean Paul Legros (France)

Allan Hewitt (New Zealand)

Zueng-Sang Chen (Taiwan)

Mary Beth Kirkham (USA)

Andre Bationo (Kenya)

David Lowe (New Zealand)

Lyn Abbott (Australia)

Karl Stahr (Germany)

Lou Mendonca-Santos (Brazil)

Jan Hopmans (USA)

Miroslav Kutilek (Czech Republic)

Ruben Kretzschmar (Switzerland)

Marcello Pagliai (Italy)

Eswaran Padmanabhan (Malaysia)

Yona Chen (Israel)

P. Nair (India)

Peter Finke (Belgium)

Diana Wall (USA)

Barbara Wick (Germany)

Bob MacMillan (Canada)

Roland Poss (France)

Hans-Peter Blume (Germany)

Hossein Khademi (Iran)

Pandi Zdruli (Italy)

Tibor Toth (Hungary)

Selim Kapur (Turkey)

Eddy de Pauw (Syria)

Yuji Niino (Thailand)

Stalin Torres (Venezuela)

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